"SNL" newcomer Pete Davidson replies to rude tweet about his father's death

The "SNL" rookie, whose father was a firefighter who died in service during 9/11, just celebrated his 21st birthday

By Anna Silman
Published November 17, 2014 5:47PM (EST)
Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson

Yesterday was "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson's 21st birthday, and if you ask us, the guy has a lot to celebrate. Since debuting at "SNL" this season as the fourth-youngest cast member in the show's history, Davidson has been killing it consistently, from his spot-on Weekend Update segments as the show's “resident young person” to his hilarious portrayal of a stoner celebrating the city's new marijuana policy on this week's Woody Harrelson show. Davidson's lightning-fast ascent is even more impressive considering the obstacles he has had to overcome: He started doing stand-up at age 16 as an outlet to cope with losing his father, a firefighter who died in service on 9/11.

Unfortunately, the fine folks over at the "What the F*** Facts” Twitter account thought it was appropriate to celebrate Davidson's reaching the legal drinking age by sharing a glib, insensitive tweet about his father’s death with their 4.41 million followers.

Making light of someone's family tragedy hardly seems like a "WTF" fact, particularly when sandwiched between tweets like "Quizno's and Sbarro both filed for bankruptcy within the same week earlier this year" and "1 in 5,000 babies are born without an anus opening."

But Davidson had a pitch-perfect rejoinder to the tweets, promptly responding with a mixture of appropriate outrage and the sort of laid-back good humor that reaffirms our belief that Davidson is going to be a great person to grab a beer with (now that he can drink).

Who the fuck would favorite this shit? pic.twitter.com/NSdMoBMSLy

— Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) November 17, 2014

Bless you, Pete, and happy birthday.

Anna Silman

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