Activists plan mass face-sitting to protest draconian UK porn law

Protestors outside parliament plan to "perform" several sex acts recently banned from porn produced in the UK

Published December 9, 2014 9:00PM (EST)

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In response to a recently enacted, draconian law that bans a number of common (and consensual) sex acts from appearing in UK-produced pornography, hundreds of protestors are expected to descend on Westminster on Friday to protest the ban. But they won't just be standing outside parliament with banners and catchy chants; the protestors plan to simulate some of the banned sex acts -- specifically face-sitting -- to make their point.

Charlotte Rose, a former dominatrix and current sex therapist, told London24 organized the protest to highlight the ban's inherent conundrum, of banning the viewing of certain sex acts without banning the sex acts themselves. She and other opponents of the law have argued that the measure presents a troubling form of censorship, as well as a sexist attempt to pathologize certain sexual behaviors.

“These laws are not only sexist but they taking away people’s choices without consent," Rose said. "Personal liberty is what we are fighting for on Friday, which no one has the right to take away from somebody else.”

The event will feature what Rose calls the "Sex Factor" game show, starring fully dressed protestors pretending to do all the different sexy things recently banned from being recorded. The law, which focuses specifically on porn created in the UK, does not apply to porn produced abroad, nor does it limit what the average person can do in the bedroom. (Unless, of course, the average person plans to watch British porn that features spanking, caning, strangulation, verbal abuse, female ejaculation, face-sitting and more.)

Julian Huppert, a Liberal Democrat in parliament, has already proposed a repeal of the ban, which will be debated on Friday.

By Jenny Kutner

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