The 12 most illuminating tidbits from Chris Rock's Twitter Q&A

His secret to maintaining his good looks is one for the ages

Published December 11, 2014 11:27PM (EST)

Actor/director Chris Rock       (Evan Agostini/invision/ap)
Actor/director Chris Rock (Evan Agostini/invision/ap)

Today comedian Chris Rock took to Twitter for a Q&A with fans. The "Top Five" writer, star and director has been doing a fair amount of press: He wrote a scathing op-ed in the Hollywood Reporter, and gave illuminating interviews with New York, Rolling Stone and Grantland. This evening though, he answered the tweeple.

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Here is what we learned:

1) Who he thinks is funnier Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy?

[embedtweet id="543164538175377409"]

2) If the Cleveland Cavaliers can win a championship?

[embedtweet id="543168862242758656"]

3) His top five dances:

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4) The most difficult part of directing:

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However, he loved it enough that he could see himself starting a production company:

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5) If he was worried about his recent SNL monologue:

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6) Pre-show rituals:

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7) Will there be a Pooty Tang 2?

[embedtweet id="543172099226222595"]

8) Biggie or Tupac?

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9) If he could bring a comedian back from the dead to co-star with it would be...

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10) The all-time funniest movie Rock has ever seen is...

[embedtweet id="543178557045092353"]

11) Zach Braff wanted to know Rock's secret to excellent looks:

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12) His favorite memory of "SNL":

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