Haruki Murakami to pen an advice column for fans

The media-shy author will answer questions in multiple languages, offer advice and shed insight on his own life

Published January 6, 2015 11:00PM (EST)

Haruki Murakami        (AP/Stan Peska)
Haruki Murakami (AP/Stan Peska)

Haruki Murakami, author of 13 novels including "1Q84" and "Norwegian Wood," will soon be penning something quite different from his "magical realist" works of fiction: and advice column.

The author, who is known to eschew publicity, will use the column to connect with his readers. The column will reportedly be titled "Mr. Murakami’s place," and will be published on his personal website. The URL and method to submit questions has not yet been released.

“After so long, I want to exchange emails with readers,” Murakami stated, according to his publisher.

Murakami will connect with readers not only by doling out advice to fans (in multiple languages), but also offering up some personal details. The Japan Times reports:

"Murakami will also answer fans’ questions on his likes and dislikes — including cats, a favorite animal of his, and the Yakult Swallows, the Japanese baseball team he supports."

Whatever the answers, or style -- Kafkaesque? Or perhaps more rooted in reality? -- it will be a welcomed moment for Murakami's many fans, who have identified with Murakami's works, to connect with the brilliant writer himself. Murakami last connected with readers in a similar fashion back in 2006.

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