Sarah Palin fuels dog-stepping controversy: "I believe wild protein are put here for man's responsible use"

The former vice-presidential candidate still thinks her son is better than President Obama for not eating his dog

Published January 6, 2015 2:57PM (EST)

Sarah Palin                                        (AP/Carolyn Kaster)
Sarah Palin (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Sarah Palin, in typical Sarah Palin fashion, is absolutely refusing to back down from controversy over a photo of her young son, Trig, using the family dog as a step stool, which she posted on social media last week. After being criticized by PETA for the image, Palin doubled down with a Facebook post in which she bragged that "at least Trig didn't eat the dog" -- a shot at President Obama, who once admitted to tasting dog meat in Indonesia as a child.

But a simple Facebook post could never be enough for the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate. On Tuesday, Palin went on "Today" to discuss the controversy, and explained why she isn't so sure she and PETA will come to a peaceful resolution. Palin insinuated that she might be willing to try "smoking the peace pipe" with animal rights activists, but also said that her views might be fundamentally abhorrent to PETA representatives.

"If that truly, sincerely is [PETA's] mission -- to respect the sanctity of God's creation and all the critters -- absolutely," Palin said. "Many of them, though, would never put up with what I believe in. And I believe that our resources here, including, in many cases, wild protein -- animals -- are put here for man's responsible use and utilization."

Palin also explained the meaning of her dog's name, Jill Hadassah, saying both names were ones she had always loved and hoped to use. "I didn't have a sixth kid," she said, "but finally I had a dog and I got to use those names."

Watch the whole cringeworthy interview below:

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