Richard Dawkins goes on anti-Islam rant: Blames Charlie Hebdo massacre on entire religion (update)

The professor took to Twitter to air his views on the attack, which killed 12

Published January 7, 2015 4:26PM (EST)

Richard Dawkins                   (Comedy Central)
Richard Dawkins (Comedy Central)

Richard Dawkins, biologist and noted New Atheist, took to Twitter on Wednesday following the attack on French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo. The attack left 12 dead.

Dawkins has an extensive history of Twitter trolling -- whether about religion (specifically anti-Islam), sexism or abortion and down syndrome. On Wednesday he struck again with a series of tweets, which cast sweeping blame for the attack on an entire religion. The tweets are below:

[embedtweet id="552840997739454464"]

[embedtweet id="552844234689372160"]

Dawkins also apparently sent out and deleted a controversial and self-described "sarcastic" tweet, which could not be found at the time of publication. He later followed up with the below message:

[embedtweet id="552848590373392384"]

Update: Dawkins later tweeted the following statement:

[embedtweet id="552924671386320898"]

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