Exclusive excerpt: Listen to a new "Golden Compass" story from Phillip Pullman

The acclaimed author has released a new audio-only story that takes place in the world of "His Dark Materials"

Published January 12, 2015 3:00PM (EST)


Philip Pullman’s "His Dark Materials" trilogy is unquestionably one of the great fantasy trilogies of all time. While the flop of the "Golden Compass" movie back in 2007 meant the series never received the mainstream recognition of a “Lord of the Rings” or a “Harry Potter,” that doesn’t mean that Pullman has left the world of Lyra, Lord Asriel, Dust and daemons behind.

We've known for years that Pullman has plans for a followup, allegedly called the “Book of Dust,” and now we have another morsel to whet our appetites: a new, audio-only short story set in the world of “His Dark Materials," about two art collectors in the 1970s who end up coming into contact with a young Marisa Coulter.

"I wanted to tell a story of the sort that the great English writer of ghost stories M.R.James might have thought of," said Pullman in a quote. "Audible suggested that I could do something that touched on His Dark Materials, and so I conceived the idea of these two art collectors and their coming briefly into contact with one of the characters I always liked writing about, namely Mrs Coulter. And no-one can meet Mrs Coulter without being damaged."

Here's an exclusive excerpt from the story, read by Bill Nighy, which you can purchase online at Audible.com now.

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