Martin Luther King's ghost learns what MLK Day is really about on "SNL"

The civil rights leader learns his holiday is not quite, in fact, a day to reflect on racial progress

Published January 18, 2015 2:55PM (EST)

 Keenan Thompson and Pete Davidson on "SNL"       (NBC/"Saturday Night Live")
Keenan Thompson and Pete Davidson on "SNL" (NBC/"Saturday Night Live")

"Saturday Night Live" decided to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a bit early this week in Saturday's cold open -- and the show even managed to work in a nod to the overwhelmingly snubbed film about the civil rights activist, Selma. In the skit, the ghost of MLK (Keenan Thompson) comes back to talk with a young student (Pete Davidson), who explains to the leader what really goes down on his holiday in 2015.

"On Monday, there's this national holiday called Martin Luther King Day," Davidson explains."

"Oh, wonderful," Thompson says. "Is that a day where black and white Americans come together and reflect on the progress we've made?"

"Not really. It's more like a day where my mom calls up work and says, 'Do I have to come in today?' and the offices are like, 'Well we're open, but you don't have to come in,'" Thompson goes on. "And my mom's like, 'Great, I won't come in then.'"

Watch the cold open below:

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