For the love of artificial hymens: 10 of the weirdest sex toys for women

Cat Tail anal plugs? Menstruation aroma spray? Manufacturers have some peculiar ideas about what appeals to women

Published February 1, 2015 12:30AM (EST)

   (Shutterstock/Kopytin Georgy)
(Shutterstock/Kopytin Georgy)

This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

AlterNet Last year, erotic retailer Adam and Eve asked over 1,000 American adults about the number of sex toys they own. Forty-one percent of the ladies asked admitted they owned at least one, and 4.5 percent confessed to owning six or more. The survey also found that nearly 87 percent of women prefer buying sex toys to porn or sexy lingerie.

So, yes. Ladies like their sex toys, and they're willing to pay top dollar for them. As the numbers suggest, the sex toy industry is booming. U.S. revenues are estimated at $15 billion. The business site The Street projects sales to grow by $52 billion in 2020.

With that budget in mind, inventors have come up with some very peculiar and pricey products. Here are some of the most imaginative.

1. The menstruation aroma spray. Perhaps the most original product on our list, the Menstruation Aroma Spray is perfect for those whose partners are into periods. The spray, which goes for a reasonable $14, can also be used on sex dolls, vibrators, dildos, costumes, clothes or by itself. As it says on the site, “the color of the schoolgirl pheromone smell spray is red.” The makers promise the product can deliver “extreme realism” for when “you want to get really kinky.” They write, “After all, what can be dirtier than getting intimate during the bloody season?”

2. The Cat Tail anal plug. This one arms a fairly standard sex toy with an extra feature. The Cat Tail anal plug allows women (or men) to add in some role play while experimenting with anal pleasure. The anal plug size – the part that is actually inserted – measures 7.5 x 3.3 x 3cm. The tail alone measures 60cm long. It also comes equipped with a bell, and is available in three different colors: white, black or tabby. The description reads, “We all like pussy, right? Now you can get the pussy you want with the Cat Tail Anal Plug” It also suggests it helps women “resemble a real feline character slinking around while enjoying what’s going on inside them.” It runs for $30.

3. The hooded, Spandex full-body sack. This one is exactly what it sounds like: a full body spandex suit that stretches and conforms to the wearer’s body. The site Sub Slave writes the product is “perfect for slave training and slave behavior modification.” It adds, “This body sack lets you be cruel to be kind with its feature…if you know what I mean.” The sack covers head to toe, and leaves no specific slots for arms or legs, so when you’re in there, you’re really in there. The folks over at Sub Slave also suggest using a gag and nylon or leather bondage straps for a “more complete restraint.” The sack comes in six differences sizes, ranging from “small” to “3X.”  The sacks can go for as much as $130.

4. ElectroSex gloves. This one seems to be leading the way in electrosex stimulation. For those who aren’t familiar with the subculture, electrosex toys involve mild electoral currents that “stimulates and arouses.” The Rimba ElectroSex gloves can be used for partnered sexual play or masturbation. A standard kit contains one pair of gloves, one pair of latex gloves, one set of four adhesive pads, one pair of press-on button (snap) connectors and one lead wire. A word of advice: all products should be used with Electro Gel or “suitable” water based lubricant. For those who are into it, it’s great, but there is a sprawling demographic of people who should probably avoid electrostimulation. Electrosex products are not recommended for anyone suffering from a heart condition, pregnant women, epileptics, or anyone with “penile/vaginal/anal disorders.” The gloves range in price, but can cost upwards of $200.

5. The artificial hymen. We’ve heard about surgeries that help “restore” a woman’s virginity, more formally referred to as hymen restoration. Given the fact that there are some places in the world where virginity can become a matter of life and death, it’s an important option to have available. But its origins weren’t always so grim. The first “artificial hymen” was invented back in the mid-'90s by a Japanese kinesiologist. That’s when the fetish, porn and sex industries decided to jump on board. The site Hymen Shop advertises artificial hymen products with lines like, “Become a VIRGIN Again!” and “Spice up your sex life and bring the Va Va Voom back to the bedroom.” The kits are sold online for around $30 each. It works like this: the “hymen” is presented on a strip folded into eighths, which is then inserted into the vagina. Users have a short window to have sex after putting the artificial hymen in place. The directions warn: This vagina will self-destruct in fifteen minutes." When documenting her first try, Leah Beckmann of The Cut wrote, “Before I can decipher whether the hymen should go in blood-side up or blood-side down… the film dissolves in my hands. I am covered in bright red dye… There is red on every surface of the sink.”

6. Hello Kitty massager. Yes, this is a vibrator inspired by a product designed for pre-adolescent females. Sure, its market has expanded over the years, but Hello Kitty’s cutesy roots shouldn’t be overlooked. At the time of this writing, the vibrators have been SOLD OUT on Japanese erotic retail site, Kanojo Toys. The site boasts that the Hello Kitty Massager “doesn’t need much explanation – combine the most famous symbol of the Japanese cuteness obsession with a vibrating massager, and you’ve got a recipe for a kawa-a-ah-ah-ah-ooh-aaaaah-ai.” Other selling points the site lists is that the product is “frickin’ adorable,” has an ultrasonic motor and comes in black, pink, purple or red. The toy was originally introduced in 1997 as a shoulder massager through a licensee by Sanrio, the Japanese creators of the Hello Kitty brand. It was quickly rebranded and reintroduced as an erotic massager by the sex toy industry. The toy can be found for a relatively cheap $15 online.

7. Japanese schoolgirl armpit smell bottle. This one will really speak to those with a smell fetish. The Japanese schoolgirl armpit smell can be used on partners, dolls, clothes, costumes masturbators and more. The blurb attached reads, “Do you go crazy about armpits? Particularly the sweet armpit of innocent Japanese schoolgirls? Then this is guaranteed to give you what you want when you’re horny. The (smell bottle) is a scented liquid with the aroma of a student’s gentle underarm.” The 10 mL bottle goes for a modest $15.

8. The male body dildo. This one’s really not a bad idea, it just takes a little getting used to. The male body dildo serves as an extended dildo, of sorts. As opposed to more traditional dildos, this one comes equipped with an entire male torso, 6-pack included. What it lacks is any and all extremities, most notably a head. The best way to use this toy: ride it. The muscular chest gives ladies a little something extra to grab on to. The “member” measures around 7 inches. The description reads, “(The dildo) has a hot body, a lean and muscular chest, topped with a big hard-on that is constantly there and waiting for your attention.” The site also suggests couples try bringing the toy into the bedroom. It reads, “If you fancy a threesome without the fuss, you could even bring (it) into your sessions with a partner and watch her ride on top of him while you occupy yourself with other tasks." The fact that the toy also comes with an anal hole points to what those “other tasks” may be. The listed price is $418.

9. The anime face mask. This unique toy is designed for those in a very specific subculture: the Anime crowd. The Anime Face Mask Kigurumi set includes a wide-eyed anime girl cosplay facemask and wig. It comes with two types of wigs (one long, one short) and multiple colors (pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue). You can customize the eye colors of the mask (red, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow). The customizable set runs for a fairly steep $1,392. But I guess that’s what convincing, anime role-play goes for these days.

10. Golden Vibrator. Here we arrive at the epitome of indulgence. This 24-karat gold-plated vibrator is put out by LELO, an “intimate lifestyle” company based in Sweden. The toy, nicknamed “Inez,” is marketed on the site as, “The most exclusive vibrator ever created.” It’s an apt title, given the fact that the price tag is a whopping $15,000. For those looking to save a bit of cash, a silver option is available for a (relatively) cheaper $7,900. The toy also comes equipped with a 24-hour charger that can provide “up to 4 hours of bliss.” And the packaging matches the product. Inez comes presented in an “elegant wooden gift box,” with a “satin pouch for stylish storage.”

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