GOP's pathetic effort to mock Obama budget: Here's what $4 trillion can buy you!

This changes everything

Published February 2, 2015 9:30PM (EST)

   (National Republican Congressional Committee)
(National Republican Congressional Committee)

President Obama today unveiled a $4 trillion budget proposal geared toward boosting middle class wages, increasing taxation on corporations and the wealthiest Americans, and boosting investment in education and infrastructure. The bold proposals stand approximately zero chance of passage in the GOP Congress; its progressive fans see the document not as a blueprint for the final two years of the president's term, but as a "visionary" statement on where the country should be headed, in the words of former Obama administration economist Jared Bernstein. Republicans have made clear that they abhor that vision; House Speaker John Boehner on Monday railed against the budget as "a plan for more taxes, more spending, and more of the Washington gridlock that has failed middle-class families."

For anyone who's paid the slightest attention to GOP politics since 2009, Boehner's reaction was predictable. For half a dozen years, Republicans have sought to drill into voters' minds a simple message: Obama bad, spending bad, government really bad. Today, the task of spicing that message up fell to the poor social media staffers of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP's campaign arm. As they plotted their line of attack against Obama's budget, the bright young minds of the NRCC made a shocking discovery: $4 trillion, it turns out, can buy you lots and lots of stuff, like ice cream cones and cosmetic procedures.

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See what they did there? They took $4 trillion and divided it by the cost of different stuff -- brilliant! Now those underemployed, over-indebted Millennials with fading Obama posters on the bedroom walls may finally start to see the folly of Nobama and Big Gubmint.

In case the NRCC's tweets didn't sufficiently eviscerate the Obama budget for you, here's some other stuff you could buy with $4 trillion:

So hats off to you, NRCC staffers! With some simple division, you've totally changed the game.

By Luke Brinker

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