Jon Stewart rips into Mike Huckabee's outrageous remarks about same-sex marriage

"That analogy makes no f**king sense!"

Published February 3, 2015 5:35PM (EST)

 Jon Stewart      (Comedy Central)
Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

On Monday, an hour prior to taping the show, Jon Stewart stewart was forced to scrap a "Daily Show" segment. So the comedian turned his attention to Mike Huckabee, who is on a book tour and making a series of outrageous comments.

Stewart began by slamming Huckabee's remarks that women cursing in meetings up in New York City was "trashy."

"I'm loving Huckabee's new I'm just as shocked southern version of Buddy the Elf up in New York," Stewart joked.

"The Daily Show" host then tore into Huckabee's recent bigoted comments about same-sex marriage, and his very odd bacon wrapped shrimp analogy. Watch below:

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