"OK America, I think it's time for an intervention": Larry Wilmore dissects U.S. obesity

"On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans consumed roughly 1.25 billion chicken wings"

By Sarah Gray
Published February 3, 2015 4:29PM (EST)
 Larry Wilmore     (Comedy Central)
Larry Wilmore (Comedy Central)

"The Nightly Show" kicked off the week by discussing the Super Bowl, and everything Americans ate during the Super Bowl: "1.25 billion chicken wings, 11.2 million lbs of potato chips and 49.2 million cases of beer."

"OK America, I think it's time for an intervention," Wilmore joked. "You fat!"

Wilmore went beyond just dissecting America's staggering obesity rates. He also looked at the way obese people are treated in American culture, and the U.S. job market (for example, overweight women earn less than average sized women). Watch below:

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