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"To Kill a Mockingjay": People rush to name Harper Lee's "Mockingbird" sequel

It will be her second book in over 50 years, so naturally Twitter is on it

Anna Silman
February 3, 2015 9:07PM (UTC)

Today it was announced that Harper Lee will publish a followup to her Pulitzer Prize-winning debut “To Kill a Mockingbird" -- the first new book she has published in over 50 years. The book will be called "Go Set a Watchman," which did not stop everyone on Twitter from rushing in to make some variation of the same joke about what she should name the followup. Some of the jokes were “Mockingjay” themed, others took note of the fact that it's 2015, while some just played it safe by referencing the letter 2. Good work, everybody.

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