Hilarious "Fifty Shades" parody reveals exactly what the movie is missing: Steve Buscemi

Buscemi gives Jamie Dornan a run for his money

Published February 10, 2015 9:55PM (EST)

By now you're probably familiar with the complaint that there isn't enough sex in the new "Fifty Shades of Grey" film adaptation. Even more disappointing, however, might be this: There is no Steve Buscemi whatsoever in the new "Fifty Shades of Grey" film adaptation.

The good news is, that one of those things has been remedied (it's not the sex) with a viral video titled “50 Shades of Buscemi,” a mock trailer by Boo Ya Pictures which recuts the steamy montage to include Buscemi in place of Christian Grey.

This is the role Buscemi was born to play.

By Colin Gorenstein

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