Jon Stewart leaving "The Daily Show" makes Twitter lose its mind

Here are some of the best responses

Published February 11, 2015 1:15AM (EST)

 Jon Stewart       (Comedy Central)
Jon Stewart (Comedy Central)

Nearly as soon as the news emerged Tuesday night that Jon Stewart will be leaving "The Daily Show" later this year, the entirety of the Twitter universe exploded in a frenzy of activity. Here are some of the most notable responses:

Comedians paid their respects:

[embedtweet id="565310364934758400"]

[embedtweet id="565309078323617792"]

[embedtweet id="565302764763643904"]

[embedtweet id="565310379841298433"]

[embedtweet id="565310494312247296"]

[embedtweet id="565313785955897344"]


Some other celebs chimed in too:

[embedtweet id="565306927098654721"]

[embedtweet id="565305046901211136"]

[embedtweet id="565305936613736449"]

[embedtweet id="565317795668570114"]


Media Twitter got in on the action:

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[embedtweet id="565298065855504385"]

[embedtweet id="565298470106726403"]

[embedtweet id="565297300344680448"]

[embedtweet id="565304230815477760"]

[embedtweet id="565307719113248769"]

[embedtweet id="565307801619402752"]

[embedtweet id="565309823684972544"]

[embedtweet id="565307330796195842"]



Replacement suggestions abound:

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[embedtweet id="565309522064199680"]

[embedtweet id="565307784536002563"]

[embedtweet id="565307439709696003"]

[embedtweet id="565305967458668545"]

[embedtweet id="565302914978430977"]

[embedtweet id="565302433560416256"]


Last but not least, some valuable context during this difficult time:

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