Spice up your day! Hear four never-before-heard Spice Girls songs

Girl power!

By Sarah Gray
Published February 11, 2015 8:07PM (EST)
  (Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)
(Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)

Today we bring you the motherlode of late '90s early oughts nostalgia: the Spice Girls. Specifically, four never-released songs, which are reportedly part of a demo for "Forever," their final studio album -- and the album without Geri Halliwell.

According to BuzzFeed the songs are rumored to have been produced by Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe, who were also behind some of their previous hits. From BuzzFeed:

"A mysterious Soundcloud account uploaded the full versions of four previously unreleased songs yesterday. The songs were allegedly recorded during the sessions for their last album Forever, over 15 years ago."

It's pretty clear why these songs did not make the album cut -- especially given the mixed reviews that "Forever" received. However, for those who grew up dancing to classics like "Spice Up Your Life" and "Wannabe," the four songs are the perfect serving of delectably bad '90s/'00s synth, with just the right dash of girl power. So hop to it '90s lovers, spice up your afternoon.

"A Day In Your Life"

"If It's Lovin On Your Mind"

"Pain Proof"

Alternate version of "Right Back At Ya"

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