"Celebrity Jeopardy" made a spectacular mess of an "SNL" return with Turd Ferguson

Darrell Hammond's misbehaving Sean Connery still isn't having much luck reading the category names

Published February 16, 2015 2:02PM (EST)

  (YouTube, Saturday Night Live)
(YouTube, Saturday Night Live)

In keeping with the "SNL 40" theme of "Pack As Many Celebs As You Possibly Can Into Each Scene," the return of "Celebrity Jeopardy" gave us an abundance of fun celebrity chaos to wade through.

A mustached Will Ferrell resumed his spot as Alex Trebek, doing  his best to keep the trivia game on track. Meanwhile, a much-missed Turd Ferguson played by Norm MacDonald, Darrell Hammond's misbehaving Sean Connery, Kate McKinnon's too-chill Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey's deeply existential Matthew McConaughey and Alec Baldwin's "great, great, great" Tony Bennett had other plans -- derailing the game with every trivia question sent their way.

Sean Connery will take "le tits now" (read: let it snow) for 800.


By Colin Gorenstein

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