"Get a job!": Sarah Palin had fun yelling at hecklers after "SNL 40"

Don't talk to Sarah Palin unless you have a job.

Published February 17, 2015 4:12PM (EST)


Here's the "SNL 40" after-party you didn't hear about from Jimmy or Seth: Sarah Palin shooting off insults at hecklers outside 30 Rock like confetti.

Fortunately, TMZ cameras were rolling and caught some lines we'll surely be quoting in years to come. In one moment, Palin yells back to a man:  “Are you in show business? Then don’t be jealous, boy." In another, she eloquently explains: “Hey, when you get a job, you can talk to me.”

You can hear one woman, clearly puzzled by this attack, ask what exactly her job is.  (Um, being in show business. Didn't she make that clear?)

By Colin Gorenstein

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