This is your brain on anti-vaxxing: Science explains the cognitive biases at work

The vaccine blame-game that the brain plays explained by SciShow

Published February 25, 2015 8:16PM (EST)

           (Reuters/Brian Snyder)
(Reuters/Brian Snyder)

A helpful video released recently by SciShow wades into the science behind why parents choose not to vaccinate their kids.

SciShow does not pose the action of getting a vaccination as a debate -- because in the eyes of science it is not a debate, vaccines have been proven to be vastly beneficial and not autism-causing. Host Hank Green does however decide to look into the science of why people choose to believe that vaccines are harmful to their children, despite the lack of scientific evidence. In the video below, he delves into the human brain and cognitive biases that can explain the anti-vaccination phenomenon. Watch below:

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