Watch Rudy Giuliani transform into Birdman on “SNL”

The former Mayor (Taran Killam) laments his descent from greatness with the help of a winged alter ego

By Anna Silman
Published March 1, 2015 1:47PM (EST)

"SNL" successfully skewered two hot topics simultaneously in last night's cold open. In the clever sketch, a glum Rudy Giuliani (Taran Killam) laments how far he has fallen since his Mayoral days, with a little help from his alter ego: Birdman. “You were almost president for a few months in 2007,” rasps Rudy's winged counterpart (played by Beck Bennett). “You were the front runner. you were one of the greats!” Host Dakota Johnson also makes an appearance with a surprisingly spot-on impression of Emma Stone. Watch Rudy and Birdman plot their return to greatness below:

Anna Silman

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