Jon Stewart kicking a wrestler between the legs is a thing that actually happened last night

We doubted he'd show up for "Raw" but Stewart didn't disappoint

Published March 3, 2015 2:39PM (EST)


We all doubted Jon Stewart would show for his Monday night appearance on WWE's "Raw." But Stewart, a true man of his word, came through. What was he going to do -- let Rollins have the last word?

The pro wrestler, convinced Stewart was a no-show, used the opening of the episode to trash-talk Stewart (and audition for his own late night spot?).

"He obviously didn't show up. Just like all of American didn't show up to the movie he directed last year," Rollins remarked.

He wasn't done, though. Rollins also had some shade to throw at Stewart for his work hosting the Oscars and his Jersey upbringing (Jersey is where wusses and phonies live, we learn).

Stewart made a heroic entrance at just that moment, firing away his own blistering insults at Rollins: "I have something you'll never have -- and that's respect." This statement was naturally followed by Stewart respectfully kicking Rollins in the balls and exiting stage. What a world.

By Colin Gorenstein

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