Protest sexism with "Squirt Alert," the app where female ejaculation is the only goal

The best way to fight the UK's draconian porn restrictions? Virtually shooting bodily fluids at politicians' faces

Published March 6, 2015 7:41PM (EST)

 Screenshot from "Squirt Alert"   (MiKandi)
Screenshot from "Squirt Alert" (MiKandi)

I get it: Not every woman can squirt. It's typically a skill one must develop over time and with practice — but maybe not always. At least, not with “Squirt Alert,” the new app that lets anyone (not just women!) engage in some female ejaculation. More than that, though, it’s squirting for a cause!

“Squirt Alert” is a direct response to the UK’s recently enacted porn restrictions, which limit the sex acts pornographers are allowed to portray in adult films sold in the country. The restrictions have been widely criticized as sexist and draconian, as they primarily limit female-centric sex acts such as face-sitting, fisting and — you guessed it — female ejaculation. So, Jennifer McEwen, cofounder of the Android’s adult app store MiKandi, decided to challenge the laws by squirting right in the faces of the politicians who enacted it.

According to OZY, McEwen and her team “noted the absurdity and straight-up sexism of many of the regulations” when designing “Squirt Alert,” which is very easy to play, despite its political message:

Using your index finger, you carefully aim between your legs, directing a “squirt” toward the spectators. Each “hit” gives you a point. The goal: Hit as many as you can within the time limit. […]

The app (Android only — Apple has strong rules about sex in apps), which has a 3.4-star rating on MiKandi’s proprietary app store, is free to play and pretty entertaining. Each round ends with a plummy voice in a British accent saying, “Take that! Ejaculation for the win!” The gameplay resembles “Paper Toss,” but with lady bits. “Objection!” and “It’s in my mouth!” hover above those knocked down.
It seems lighthearted, and there’s just one level to play, but its message is clear: Stop subjecting women in the porn industry to unnecessary laws, especially when the very concept of female ejaculation is still hotly debated.

The app also incorporates social media in order to raise awareness about the porn laws, encouraging players to tweet after each round: “If you think the UK’s ban on female ejaculation is silly, play this game.” And while “Squirt Alert” itself sounds silly, it’s in keeping with the tone of other protests against the law. In December, protestors highlighted the absurdity of the new regulations by organizing a mass face-sitting near parliament, simulating the banned sex acts in real life. So, it would seem it’s lucky for politicians all this squirting is happening virtually, instead of in their eyeballs.

By Jenny Kutner

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