Rudy Giuliani: I wish President Obama were more like Bill Cosby

Just when you thought the former mayor couldn't sink any lower, he confounds us once again

Published March 12, 2015 7:33PM (EDT)

Rudy Giuliani                (AP/Gerald Herbert)
Rudy Giuliani (AP/Gerald Herbert)

Bill Cosby may stand accused of drugging and raping dozens of women, but Rudy Giuliani thinks President Obama could learn a thing or two from the disgraced comedian.

Speaking with talk radio host John Gambling of AM 970 The Answer on Thursday, the former New York City mayor charged that Obama was ignoring “enormous amount of crime” committed by black Americans, citing a recent highly-publicized scuffle at Brooklyn McDonald's and the shooting of two Ferguson, Missouri police officers early Thursday.

Referring to Cosby's history of scolding remarks inveighing against black culture, Giuliani said, “I hate to mention it because of what happened afterwards, but [he should be saying] the kinds of stuff Bill Cosby used to say."

Giuliani's opening qualification -- he really hates to say what he's about to say, but here goes anyway -- is eerily similar to the one he uttered before asserting last month that Obama doesn't love America.

“I do not believe — and I know this is a horrible thing to say — but I do not believe that this President loves America,” Giuliani said at the time.

The former mayor's remarks came hours after he told Fox News that former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson "should be commended" for shooting and killing unarmed African American teen Michael Brown.

“A man committed a robbery, attempted to assault a police officer, and the police officer, to save his life, shot him,” Giuliani said. “The police officer did his duty. The police officer should be commended for what he did. He did exactly what you should do.”

(h/t Business Insider, NYDN)

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