Feminist Thor selling way more comic books than dude Thor

Seems as if all of that misogynist trolling might have been for naught

Published March 19, 2015 2:35PM (EDT)

 Thor     (Marvel Entertainment)
Thor (Marvel Entertainment)

Remember last summer, when a bunch of sexist trolls freaked out after Marvel announced that the superhero Thor would be a woman in the rebooted comic book series? Remember the downward spiral of raging, misogynist Internet commentary about how stupid it would be to replace a made-up male character with a made-up female character?

Yes, well, those trolls have absolutely not been vindicated, according to sales data on the first four new "Thor" books that began selling last November. Fusion broke down sales figures compiled by ComiChron, and it turns out that feminist Thor is selling significantly better than old school dude Thor:

While the audience breakdown is not available and there’s no way to know if the new "Thor" is bringing in more female readers, it is clear that she’s outselling the last series by A LOT. The first four new Thor books are currently selling more copies than the last four Thor books from 2012 by close to 20,000 copies per month, not including digital copies.

The new "Thor" also premiered with crushingly high numbers compared to the premiere of "Thor: God of Thunder," selling 150,862 copies in October 2014 to Thor’s 65,513 in November 2012.

So, who in this case is stupid: The Marvel executives who decided to diversify their cast of characters and reach a broader audience, or the tens of thousands of new Thor fans who seem to be okay with the hero being a woman?

By Jenny Kutner

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