Erick Erickson: "Show us where Israel touched you, Mr. President"

Conservative commentator compares Obama-Netanyahu tensions to child molestation

Published March 24, 2015 2:31PM (EDT)

  (Fox News)
(Fox News)

Right-wing meathead extraordinaire Erick Erickson brought his formidable intellectual power to bear on the U.S.-Israel relationship on Tuesday, comparing tensions between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to child molestation.

In a post headlined "Show Us Where Israel Touched You, Mr. President," the proprietor asserts that Obama harbors an "irrational" antipathy toward Israel, which, to a certain cast of conservative mind, is synonymous with the right-wing Likud government. To Erickson, the administration's condemnation of Netanyahu's racist rhetoric against Arabs and his vow not to allow a Palestinian state on his watch can only mean that the president despises Israel.

Inspired by a tweet from Kevin Eder, Erickson writes, "At this point, we may really have to present a doll to President Obama and has him to show us where Israel touched him." The answer, Erickson helpfully says, "is that Israel touched him in his ego."

Erickson cites a Wall Street Journal report finding that Israel spied on the international negotiations over Iran's nuclear program and divulged details of the talks to members of Congress. The issue is not that Israel spied on the U.S. -- it's accepted by both parties that they will spy on each other, and the Journal reports that the U.S. only discovered the information by intercepting Israeli communications -- but that the government of Israel sought to torpedo diplomacy by providing ammunition to U.S. lawmakers.

"How dare Israel undermine American talks with a country that wants to annihilate both Israel and the United States," Erickson writes. "Our petulant, thin-skinned, mom jeans wearing President is angry because he got exposed. Boo freaking hoo."

Such a perceptive geopolitical analyst, that Erickson.


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