"Hey society! F**k you!": "The Daily Show" is fed up with wage inequality

Humans will be 3-D printing human hearts 30 years before women have wage equality

Published March 25, 2015 12:45PM (EDT)

     (The Daily Show With Jon Stewart)
(The Daily Show With Jon Stewart)

The future of gender equality looks pretty bleak. Just ask "The Daily Show's" Senior Women's Correspondent Kristen Schaal who joined Jon Stewart on Tuesday's show to relay some pretty alarming findings.

In a study released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research earlier this month, data predicted that -- at this rate, at least -- women won't have wage equality until 2058.

Schaal added that the problem is systemic (read: system-ICK!) and that before the year 2058 rolls around, mankind will already be flying around in cars, living on Mars -- and, yup, printing off human hearts.

"At this point, we'd be better off printing a 3-D penis, slapping it on the bank counter and saying "Hey society! F*ck you!" Schaal said.

Watch the clip below:

By Colin Gorenstein

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