Website lets people anonymously ship vaginal cleansing kits to "basic b*tches"

Like "Dicks By Mail," but for vaginas -- and (somehow) even cruder!

Published March 30, 2015 2:42PM (EDT)

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Today in "Weird Stuff You Can Anonymously Ship Other People": A new mail service promises to let customers send "the ultimate insult" to women around the world, for just $14.99 (with free worldwide shipping!). Meet "Wash Your Box," the vaginal cleansing kit you can ship to anyone, anywhere, without them knowing you're kind of a huge jerk.

"Imagine a woman receives this package," the Wash Your Box website instructs. "At first she’s offended someone out there thinks her vag smells. She’s conflicted. She wants to fix this problem but doesn’t want to shell out cash to buy some clensing product [sic]."

Thusly, it only makes sense to send her some special soap and an offensive note to help her out. The service's creator claims Wash Your Box "is all in good fun," but quite frankly it just sounds awful. It's similar to the recent feat of ingenuity that is "Dicks By Mail," only it's somehow even cruder than mailing someone a bag of dicks. It might even be ruder than sending someone a glitter bomb. From the site's FAQ:

What's the point here?

Have you ever met a woman who was impressed when told her vagina smells?

What is the product you're sending?

It's a Canadian made moisturizing cream soap. It contains aloe & chamomile which are key for cleaning out a dirty vag.

What does the recipient get?

A bottle of moisturizing cream soap, a loofah, your offensive note and a message from us that reads: "you smell bad and you should feel bad".

Again, welcome to the Internet. It's nice here, isn't it?

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