Gun nuts' latest victory: Sam Brownback signs law allowing concealed carry without a permit

The National Rifle Association is thrilled

Published April 2, 2015 10:17PM (EDT)

  (AP/Charlie Riedel)
(AP/Charlie Riedel)

Live in Kansas? Want to protect yourself against anyone who might come for your tax cut? Worried someone will try to fight you for the last remaining book in the state? Well, hoo-boy, do I ever have some good news for you!

As of July 1, Kansans will be able to carry concealed weapons without having to actually obtain a concealed carry firearms permit. They can thank their good and godly GOP governor, Sam Brownback, who signed the no-permit-no-problem legislation today.

Much to the delight of the National Rifle Association, Kansas will join Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont, and Wyoming in allowing this freewheeling state of affairs.

"Kansans shouldn’t need a permission slip to fulfill their constitutional right,” Brownback said while signing the legislation.

As for those who may prefer that their armed neighbors at least have proper credentials before loading up: well, tough titty.

While the trigger-happy Brownback and legislators must fill a massive revenue shortfall -- wrought by his tax cuts for the wealthy -- no later than June, the recently re-elected governor has also spent the year pushing either priorities, including new abortion restrictions and the repeal of LGBT non-discrimination protections.

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