Scott Walker has a spectacularly insensitive response to critics of anti-gay laws

Presidential hopeful doesn't see what all this "equality" fuss is about

Published April 3, 2015 2:28PM (EDT)

Scott Walker                                        (Jeffrey Malet,
Scott Walker (Jeffrey Malet,

Weighing in on the hoopla surrounding Indiana's so-called religious freedom law, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday asserted that critics of such measures, which proponents introduced to provide a shield for anti-gay discrimination, "are chronically looking for ways to be upset about things.”

Echoing GOP Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas -- who took the "Hey, we don't execute them -- what more do they want?" tack -- Walker told conservative radio host Charlie Sykes that people who don't much like the idea of allowing anti-gay discrimination are a bunch of aggrieved ingrates who just don't understand the Constitution.

“I just think this is people who are chronically looking for ways to be upset about things instead of really looking what it is. I believe in protecting religious freedoms. It’s inherent in our state’s constitution," the likely GOP presidential candidate said. "Heck, it’s inherent in our U.S. Constitution, and again, Wisconsin, we’ve done it, and we’re stronger for it.”

Repeating a line he's used before, Walker boasted that his own state strikes a "healthy balance" when it comes to gay rights.

“Again, if you look at the constitution there is both a combination of religious freedoms protecting the constitution and back in the ’80s, long, long ago when I was still a kid, there were also provisions there that would protect against discrimination including a gay or lesbian individual out there,” he said. “So there is a healthy balance of someone can’t be discriminated, say, in the workplace and that — but for someone who has a conscientious objection, based on their religious beliefs no matter what it might be, the constitution is pretty clear in the state.”

Wouldn't want to go overboard with the whole "equality" thing, now, would we?

Listen to Walker's comments below, via BuzzFeed:

By Luke Brinker

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