Maliabeth Johnson and Jon Hamm in "Mad Men" (AMC/Michael Yarish)

"Ted's like Romney. He's got binders full of women": A "Mad Men" recap in tweets

The best viewer reactions from last night's midseason premiere

Anna Silman
April 6, 2015 7:03PM (UTC)

"Mad Men" returned last night for its final run of episodes, and naturally everyone took to Twitter to share their feelings in real-time, which included grief about Rachel's passing, excitement about an unexpected "My So Called Life" casting crossover, and a mixture of fear and delight and Roger Sterling's new mustache.

It's the '70s, and Sterling has a mustache now. There were mixed feelings about it:


[embedtweet id="584900185895108608"]

[embedtweet id="584899866142318592"]

[embedtweet id="584899820197957632"]

The wondrous Rachel Menken was back, and everyone was excited:

[embedtweet id="584903075795574784"]

[embedtweet id="584903259581579264"]

[embedtweet id="584904163709976578"]

[embedtweet id="584903874693038080"]

[embedtweet id="584903098272997377"]

Until it was revealed that she had passed away. It was heartbreaking.

[embedtweet id="584905409586159616"]

[embedtweet id="584975210098458624"]

[embedtweet id="584913101214060546"]

[embedtweet id="584910733701419009"]


[embedtweet id="584915329043800064"]

Sterling Cooper, meanwhile, literally has binders full of women.

[embedtweet id="584908832230481920"]

[embedtweet id="584941778194706432"]

[embedtweet id="584925252259459073"]

One of whom is Andie Macdowell's daughter:

[embedtweet id="584899150971473920"]

Workplace sexism is unfortunately still a feature of the 1970s, as Joan and Peggy discover in their meeting with the McCann execs:

[embedtweet id="584903641527689216"]

[embedtweet id="584905246427721729"]

[embedtweet id="584903983296307200"]

[embedtweet id="584904449778409473"]


Yet Joan and Peggy have differing responses to this ugly display of sexual harassment, leading to a tense elevator confrontation:

[embedtweet id="584905551672430592"]

[embedtweet id="584905408046899201"]

[embedtweet id="584906607894495232"]

Don had a liason with a waitress, played by Elizabeth Reaser, who may or may not have been a ghost:


[embedtweet id="584922448996343809"]

[embedtweet id="584920193517891584"]

[embedtweet id="584909740548829184"]

After being unceremoniously fired, our favorite eyepatch-sporting SC&P employee Ken Cosgrove got his revenge:

[embedtweet id="584993600095682560"]


[embedtweet id="584963815026003968"]

Although a lot of viewers are still hoping he writes his book:

[embedtweet id="584909285789937664"]

[embedtweet id="584909656872583168"]

[embedtweet id="584912890026717184"]

Meanwhile; Stan looked fly:

[embedtweet id="584914233348894721"]


[embedtweet id="584913907921395713"]

Peggy was dating Brian Krakow from my "So Called Life"!!!

[embedtweet id="584909832207147008"]

[embedtweet id="584908981392506880"]

[embedtweet id="584909131087228928"]

And while the return of "Twin Peaks" may be uncertain, Leland Palmer (aka Ray Wise, who plays Ken's father-in-law) is still kicking it:


[embedtweet id="584902432779538433"]

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