John Oliver and Edward Snowden create an unguessable email password: "Margaret Thatcher is 100% Sexy"

The NSA whistleblower helps John Oliver pick a goofy password that's too complex to brute force

Published April 9, 2015 8:06PM (EDT)

   (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)
(Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)

"Last Week Tonight" has uploaded a brand new clip from John Oliver's exclusive interview with Edward Snowden. After the first clip featuring Snowden's "dick pic" warning made such big waves on the Internet -- what with the emergence of DickPics4Freedom and -- it just made sense to give the people more.

In the newly uploaded clip, Snowden helps Oliver pick out the world's most secure password. His security advice is three-fold: 1) "Shift your thinking from passwords to pass-phrases"; 2) "Think about a common phrase for you that's too long to brute force"; 3) "Make [it] unlikely to be in the dictionary."

Snowden, it turns out, is a big fan of the password: "admiralalonzopenis420YOLO."

Watch the clip below.

By Colin Gorenstein

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