Rand Paul just walked out of an interview after being pressed on a question

The GOP presidential candidate cut short a Guardian interview and had someone shut the lights on the reporter

Published April 10, 2015 5:03PM (EDT)

Rand Paul                      (Reuters/John Sommers Ii)
Rand Paul (Reuters/John Sommers Ii)

As if to say, "I am not a sexist looney tune hothead who only cuts off female reporters, but rather a looney tune hothead who cuts off any reporter whose questions I don't like," GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul cut short an interview with The Guardian's Paul Lewis on Friday, leaving the reporter in the dark (literally) after being pressed for specifics on campaign strategy and criminal justice.

After offering a terse response to Lewis on how he plans to reach both the Republican base and more centrist voters, Paul abruptly shut down the conversation and walked away from the reporter, who continued to push for "a specifics answer." As Lewis explained to the camera that he and his team had been asked to leave, someone turned off the lights.

Paul's campaign has already fired back against suggestions that their team cut the lights:


Watch the exchange below:

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