Memo to Patricia Arquette: Pizza can teach you everything you need to know about feminism

Comedian Akilah Hughes brilliantly explains intersectionality with the cheesiest, most delicious metaphor

By Jenny Kutner
Published April 15, 2015 9:13PM (EDT)
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A lot of people -- from Patricia Arquette to the editor of Deadline -- don't seem to get intersectional feminism. Fortunately for them, the concept isn't such a difficult one to grasp. And it can even be explained with a delicious treat.

Comedian and writer Akilah Hughes has come up with a brilliant, if cheesy, (sorry) way to explain intersectionality -- with pizza. In a YouTube video, Hughes uses pizza and burgers as a metaphor for women and men, respectively. The key is simple: men are burgers and women are pizza, yes, but beyond that, cheese pizza is equivalent to white women, and deluxe pizza is "any combination of gay, bi, trans, POC etc., women."

"Cheese pizzas are by far the most celebrated pizzas in society -- like, if you go anywhere, there's going to be a cheese pizza on the menu," Hughes says. "Cheese pizza is highly visible. Meanwhile, this is not the case for deluxe pizzas. Our features are often seen by the untrained eye as 'extra weight' and 'too much of a problem,' and we're left to crumble because the crust does not support us."

It's a brilliant comparison. And in addition to making you hungry, it'll help answer any questions left about inclusive feminism.

Watch Hughes' video below:

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