Texas fraternities embrace "cultural sensitivity," ban parties involving "pimps" and "hos"

University of Texas Greek organizations are trying to avoid another "Border Patrol" party mishap

By Jenny Kutner
Published April 15, 2015 3:25PM (EDT)
      (Guðsþegn via Wikimedia Commons)
(Guðsþegn via Wikimedia Commons)

Fraternities at the University of Texas at Austin may no longer host culturally insensitive social gatherings, thanks to an effort by the school's Greek organizations to prohibit offensive party themes and avoid another instance of a frat nearly getting in trouble for displays of racism.

After the UT chapter of Phi Gamma Delta (known as Fiji) avoided punishment last month for a "border patrol" themed party, at which attendees could be seen wearing hardhats, sombreros and name tags that read "Jefe" or "Pablo Sanchez," the university's Interfraternity Council voted to amend its code of conduct to add new "cultural sensitivity" standards. The new code, according to The Horn, says fraternity members will "exhibit cultural sensitivity and will respect all cultures, races, ethnicities, and religions," and that they "will challenge all fraternity members to abide by these fraternal expectations and will confront those who violate them."

Apparently, this means fraternities will now abide by UT's party themes guide, which outlines what is "offensive" and "non-offensive" as far as future events are concerned. Offensive themes include:

Ghetto Fabulous/”Urban” theme/G’d Up
Millionaires and Mistresses
White/Trailer Trash Bash/Chicks and Hicks
Gnarly on a Harley
Pimps and Hos
Golf Pros and Tennis Hos (just say NO to
anything involving the word “ho”)
South of the Border/Fiesta
Lingerie (a.k.a., let’s get women to wear as little
as possible themes)
Porn Stars and Directors
Gals and Gauchos
Aristocrats and Trophy Wives
Dirty Doctors and Naughty Nurses
Headmasters and Schoolgirls
Cowboys and Indians

As Gawker notes, it is definitely, totally, extraordinarily unlikely students will find a way to subvert the "non-offensive" party themes and turn them into, at the very least, sexist bacchanals, what with suggested themes such as "Mardi Gras," "Toga! Toga!," "Tropical/Beach," "Casino Night" and -- my personal favorite -- "'P' is for Party."

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