Sarah Jessica Parker and "Divorce": 5 reasons we’re looking forward to her return to HBO

Yes, all 5 have to do with "Sex and the City"

Anna Silman
April 17, 2015 8:47PM (UTC)

Yesterday it was announced that Sarah Jessica Parker will be returning to HBO for a new NYC-set single-camera comedy, titled simply "Divorce," about the "very, very long divorce" between Parker's character and her husband (Thomas Hayden Church).

Naturally there are bound to be some Sex and the City" comparisons -- you know, what with SJP & HBO teaming up for a relationship-based show set in New York -- ad I for one am more than happy to indulge in a little nostalgia-bait. We have full faith that SJP is going to nail this whole divorce show thing, because she has proved her ability to handle breakups before. A lot!


Here are some of Carrie Bradshaw's most memorable relationship endings:

1. When Berger breaks up with Carrie with via post-it note

One of the most iconic breakups in TV history, the post-it note breakup was the nail in the coffin that firmly established Berger as the worst of Carrie’s boyfriends.

2. When Carrie dumps Petrovsky after he slaps her

Never mind, sorry -- Petrovsky was Carrie’s worst boyfriend. After he slaps her in the face during a fight in Paris, Carrie finally realized that things weren’t right, leading to one of the show's most seminal Carrie quotes: "I'm looking for real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love, and I don't think that love is here, in this expensive suite, in this lovely hotel in Paris."

3. When Carrie tells Aidan she cheated on him 


There’s two big Aidan breakups, but the first one -- where she reveals she cheated on him, and he dumps her during Charlotte's wedding -- was easily one of the show's most heartbreaking moments. The pain on John Corbett's face as he told her  "I know myself; this isn't the kind of thing I can get over" really tested viewers' allegiance to the show's flawed heroine. Members of Team Aidan will never forgive her for it.

4. When Big tells Carrie he's going to Paris

“There were no words left,” says Carrie in voiceover, when she refuses Big’s offer to go to Paris with him. “We’d said them all.” In this majorly melodramatic scene from season 2, Carrie questions whether she ever really loved Big, or whether she was just addicted to the pain — an addiction she admittedly won't kick for the next four seasons (and a couple of movies).

5. When Carrie tells Big she's going to Paris

It's difficult to count the number of times that Big and Carrie broke up -- in fact, it's not always clear exactly when Big and Carrie are dating/not dating/making up/breaking up/just pals/OTPs -- but one of the most definitive blowouts for the pair came when Big asks for another chance, and Carrie tells him he's leaving for Paris with Petrovsky. As she puts it (yelling in the middle of the street, as characters on this show are wont to do): “It’s never different, it’s six years of never being different. But this is it. I am done. Don’t call me ever again. Forget you know my number. In fact, forget you know my name." Of course, it wasn't the end, but she totally sounded like she meant it at the time.

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