Bill O'Reilly & Megyn Kelly have weird on-air tiff over Playboy-posing veteran

"Here's what you need to know," Kelly said. "Bill clearly feels uncomfortable that I have her and he doesn't"

By Scott Eric Kaufman
Published April 21, 2015 2:31PM (EDT)

Last night on "The O'Reilly Factor," host Bill O'Reilly and fellow Fox News host Megyn Kelly bickered over how the network booked the flag-loving former Marine who once posed naked in Playboy.

After playing the video of Michelle Manhart being arrested for attempting to capture the American flag from a group of African-American student protesters, O'Reilly turned to Kelly and said, "I hear she's going to be on your program."

"She's a 14-year veteran of the Air Force, however," O'Reilly said before being cut off by Kelly, who shouted, "There's a surprising twist! She really loves the flag a lot. A lot. She loves it this much."

O'Reilly, upset over not having scored the interview, tried to save face by saying that his producers told him that she was just seeking attention, and that she didn't attempt to make off with the students' flag out of any sense of patriotic duty, "so that's why we gave it to you."

"Let me just disabuse the audience of that notion that you gave her to me," Kelly replied. "We had it before you had it, and we booked her before you even tried to."

"But we could have done it another way," O'Reilly snapped back.

"Here's what you need to know," Kelly concluded. "Bill clearly feels uncomfortable that I have her and he doesn't, so you should tune in to our show."

Watch the entire video below via Fox News on YouTube.

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