Glenn Beck's bizarre "Walking Dead" freakout: Why won't Americans watch horrific ISIS executions instead?

Beck is very upset that people are choosing to watch a fictional zombie show instead of real-life murders

Published April 21, 2015 1:10PM (EDT)

 Glenn Beck (Screen shot)
Glenn Beck (Screen shot)

In the wake of the a shocking new video from ISIS this week, which depicts the brutal murders of what are believed to be Ethiopian Christians in Libya, Glenn Beck asked his Blaze TV viewers on Monday: "Why won't we watch this? Why won't we address this?"

Americans are more than capable of watching graphic television series like "The Walking Dead," so Beck can't understand why they refuse to watch the equally horrific videos produced by ISIS -- especially when the murders captured in them are of Christians.

He compares the reaction among Christians to the Memories Pizza controversy, in which they came out in droves to support the right of its owners to discriminate against the LGBT community. "When Christian-owned businesses are threatened for their beliefs" American Christians responded, he said, but in Libya Christians are being executed.

"Shouldn't the response be exponentially greater when Christians are literally being beheaded and crucified?" he asked. "I don't have an answer."

Beck said that he can understand why the Chinese people don't care, as they've been "trained not to value human life," and as for people in the Middle East, "they're the perpetrators of this." He claimed that Europe is so secular -- so obsessed with multiculturalism -- they're incapable of speaking out against anything anymore.

But he can't understand why Americans -- and American Christians in particular -- don't react to this. The only explanation he can up with is that the ISIS videos make Americans feel helpless, and so they avoid watching them.

"I'm sorry to out my wife," Beck said, "and I don't lecture her on this because she's the normal one -- I'm the oddball -- she won't watch those videos. I guarantee you that the if the television were on in my house today, she'd turn it off before we get to that video." His wife, he said, would explain that she doesn't "want to put [those images] in her head."

"And yet we'll watch 'The Walking Dead'!" Beck concluded. "They win if we don't watch it! They want you to look away! They need you to look away!"

Watch the entire segment -- in which Beck airs the graphic ISIS video -- via the Blaze below.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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