Highlight of the TIME 100 gala: Amy Schumer pranking Kanye and Kim, who were not amused

The event could have used a few more hijinks to break up the epic levels of mutual celebrity adoration

By Anna Silman
Published April 22, 2015 3:40PM (EDT)
  (AP/Evan Agostini)
(AP/Evan Agostini)

It was the Time 100 Gala last night, which means lots of famous people were together in one room. Plenty of awesomeness -- and lots of air-kisses -- ensued. Here’s what went down, recreated with a little help from social media.

Everyone looked very fancy:

[embedtweet id="590637130851999744"]

[embedtweet id="590888368382341120"]

[embedtweet id="590717648633233408"]

Amy Schumer pranked Kimye on the red carpet, and they were not amused:

[embedtweet id="590731249444069377"]

Martha, meanwhile, managed to stay standing up for her meeting with the royal couple:

[embedtweet id="590669642257039361"]

[embedtweet id="590669931341074432"]

The night was a cornucopia of weird celeb pairings. Amy Schumer hung out with Elizabeth Holmes:

[embedtweet id="590738754324848640"]

Katie Couric made the rounds:

[embedtweet id="590731376099467264"]

[embedtweet id="590721159110463489"]

John Green met Julianne Moore:

[embedtweet id="590671424907522049"]

Oh look, there’s Mia Farrow with John Oliver:

[embedtweet id="590715515749933056"]

And Jill Soloway chilling with Sarah Koenig:

[embedtweet id="590675149151727617"]

Anyway, it all sounds pretty cool:

[embedtweet id="590674401554751489"]

Then Tim McGraw kicked off the live music:

[embedtweet id="590673998205349889"]

[embedtweet id="590674197443141633"]

[embedtweet id="590714382394511362"]

Followed by Kanye, who gave a performance to remember:

[embedtweet id="590722842095915010"]

[embedtweet id="590708785972391936"]

[embedtweet id="590708988188217344"]

[embedtweet id="590739814741323777"]

People we really into it -- especially John Green

[embedtweet id="590852276719382528"]

To be fair, it looked pretty awesome.

[embedtweet id="590734017529569280"]

[embedtweet id="590722160693485568"]

[embedtweet id="590710347520200704"]

Jealous yet?

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