Congratulations, Bill Maher! The winner of the first televised Bruce Jenner joke contest

"A lot of women in the news this week," Maher began. Guess where he was going with that set-up....

Published April 25, 2015 2:45PM (EDT)

  (HBO/Janet Van Ham)
(HBO/Janet Van Ham)

You had a feeling who might make the first Bruce Jenner joke.

Bill Maher had the first chance with his Friday night HBO show and he did not disappoint.

"A lot of women in the news this week," Maher said during his monologue -- video is below -- which included jokes about Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina's presidential campaigns. Then he added: "Bruce Jenner."

“The big interview is tonight. I think it’s going on right now. Please, no spoilers. I TiVo’d it: Which is ironic, because sometimes my TiVo also cuts things off.”

Here's the clip:

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