Lest we forget: When white kids do it, it's not a riot, it's a "celebration"

Being a brief reminder of when civil rest is and isn't socially acceptable according the major networks

Published April 28, 2015 3:42PM (EDT)

Whenever all the major networks devote countless new cycles to members of the African-American community "rioting" over a manifest injustice, it's important to be reminded that the language used to describe black protesters with a legitimate grievance is never trotted out when, for example, white college students rail against the tyranny of pumpkins:

[embedtweet id="523685854653718528"]

[embedtweet id="523698893587243008"]

[embedtweet id="524324640450043904"]

Or when "revelers" "celebrate" the victory and/or defeat of their favorite sportball team:

[embedtweet id="592951287647469569"]

[embedtweet id="554988721809158144"]

[embedtweet id="554967442062315521"]

It's unclear why "riot cops" would be needed to quell a "celebration," but as @red3blog noted in a brilliant string of tweets last year, they most certainly are:

[embedtweet id="537109240834691072"]

[embedtweet id="537109466513432577"]

As Carl Bialik argued at FiveThirtyEight, sportball-related civil unrest is basically an American tradition at this point, and it is treated as such by most news outlets.

Justifiable anger at the senseless death of an African-American, however, can lead to one thing and one thing only -- rioting.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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