Surprise! Woody Allen's new film is about a young girl's romance with a much older man

He's a deeply neurotic philosophy professor. She's his free-spirited student. A Woody Allen film is born

By Colin Gorenstein
Published April 29, 2015 8:31PM (EDT)
     (JoBlo Movie Trailers)
(JoBlo Movie Trailers)

Joaquin Phoenix is Abe Lucas, a middle-aged philosophy professor "suffering from despair." Emma Stone is the yet-to-be-named student who rescues him from his foggy and sex-less relationship. That's right: Woody Allen is back with a new romantic comedy.

Will Lucas regain his sex drive? Will he become the philosophy professor he always wanted to be? And will he find a way to unlock his "complicated, unsolvable problems" through Stone? These are the gravely important questions we'll just have to wait until July 17 to have answered when "Irrational Man" hits theaters. Or, until next month's Cannes Film Festival for the impatient.

Watch the trailer released today below:

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