Adam Sandler movie put actors in redface: "I'm full-blooded Navajo and they bronzed me"

A number of Native American extras have already walked off the set of "Ridiculous Six"

Published May 1, 2015 8:21PM (EDT)

Adam Sandler     (Reuters/Danny Moloshok)
Adam Sandler (Reuters/Danny Moloshok)

Another day, another dispiriting detail from the set of Adam Sandler’s “Ridiculous Six,” which a number of Native American extras walked off last week because the script contained offensive content (a cellphone video of actors arguing with producers over derogatory character names surfaced shortly after).

According to a source who spoke to the Hollywood Reporter, members of the makeup department used bronzer to darken the skin-tones of actors, including those of Asian and African-American ethnicities, to make them look Native American.

Speaking to MSNBC, actress Allison Young confirmed the story. "I'm full-blooded Navajo and they bronzed me. I was quite confused,” she said. "That says something when the cultural advisor for the film quits because he's offended.”

From characters with names like "Beaver Breath" to allegations of redface, we're not looking forward to what we find out about this project next. Can't we all just re-watch "Happy Gilmore" and forget this ever happened?

By Anna Silman

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