Farewell, Samantha Bee: From "Proud Vagina American" to mocking Sarah Palin, here are 12 unforgettable moments from the most senior "Daily Show" correspondent

Updated: In her 12 years at "The Daily Show," Bee left an indelible mark

Published May 1, 2015 4:45PM (EDT)

Samantha Bee       (Comedy Central)
Samantha Bee (Comedy Central)

This post originally ran in March, but it has been updated and re-published in light of Bee's final "Daily Show" appearance last night.

Last night was Samantha Bee's final night on "The Daily Show," as she departs to TBS to host a new show, that is being billed as "a platform for Bee to apply her smart and satirical point of view to current and relevant issues.”

While we're delighted that we're still going to get Bee's singular take on the news,  we're sad to see her leave the hallowed halls of "The Daily Show." In her 12-year tenure, the Canadian superstar has been responsible for some of the show's funniest moments, from her fearless interview segments to her stunning one-woman takes on shows like "Morning Joe" and "The Five." Here's a look back at some of our favorites:

1. Her final appearance last night, including a video tribute, plenty of tears, and heartwarming sendoff from Jon Stewart. As he put it:

"We needed a correspondent. We looked in all the usual places — your liquor stores, your betting parlors, your methadone clinics. Obviously Google Maps was in its nascent stage so we took a wrong turn, ended up in Canada. We found this delightful, just incredibly funny person, Sam Bee. So we hid her in a trunk and raced back over the border, pursued by mounties. Canada had no idea what it was losing.”

2: When she and hubby Jason Jones had a “host-off” in Jon’s absence (naturally they were both great, which makes their joint departure even tougher to swallow):

3. Another highlight is her recurring "So You Want to Bee A..." segment, where she explores how easily one can attain certain jobs.

4. Bee was always at her best making fun of Sarah Palin — like in this bit from the 2008 Republican convention, where she interviewed people about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy:

Or when she defended Sarah Palin’s decision to step down as governor of Alaska (and as mother of her children), complete with basketball analogies.

Sam: She's a point guard dishing the ball for an open shot.

Jon: That's one play, a point guard then has to defend and play the rest of the game. It's like leaving half way through the third quarter!

Sam: Yeah, maybe in Harvard mainstream basketball.

Jon: No, that's the rules of basketball.

Sam: Not maverick basketball.

5. Her world-historic deadpan was on display at the next RNC in 2012, when she asked Republicans why they were willing to vote for Mitt Romney even though he disagreed with the party’s platform on abortion:

6. Institutionalized sexism has been a popular target of Bee's, like in this segment lampooning the opposition to women in the military:

She explored this lunacy again in her interview with Kingsley Brown, asking if women in the military would destroy “brohesion":

7. Bee was often called to shed insight on the inner workings of the "lady brain." For example, in this segment where the "proud Vagina American" explains why she's voting for John McCain ("Woman don't vote with the big head. They vote with the little hood").

8. As the show’s resident Canadian (well, along with Jones) her coverage on life above the 49th parallel was always a delight, such as when she explored the country's noble heritage of crack use.

9. She also solved a hummus crisis:

10. And learned about federally-funded penis pumps:

11. And investigated Long Island's secession movement:

12. But perhaps our favorite Bee moment — and perhaps one of the best Daily Show segments ever — is her exquisite one-woman show about Fox’s “The Five," which made us see the show in a whole new light:

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