Don Draper staring blankly into space: A retrospective

But he does it with style, as this amazing collection proves

Published May 7, 2015 5:44PM (EDT)


Don Draper is a man with a very particular set of skills: Identity theft. Ghost-whispering. Walking abruptly out of pitch meetings.

He’s also the undisputed king of staring off blankly into space, as a new Tumblr — aptly titled "Don Draper Staring Blankly" — points out. Whatcha looking at, Don?

Here's Don and the partners staring blankly at their office:

You know you can't hail a cab just by staring blankly at it, right Don?

Clearly staring blankly runs in the family.

"What's on tele-- oh, the JFK assassination? Nah, I'll just stare blankly at this wall instead."

"I need to get a new carpet."

"Staring contest, you and me, right now."

"Ugh, not this kid again."

"Mondays are the worst."

"Does this window open?"

Check out the rest here.

By Anna Silman

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