10 J.K. Rowling Twitter truth bombs: "The Internet doesn't just offer opportunities for misogynistic abuse, you know. Penis enlargers can also be bought discreetly"

The "Harry Potter" author is the queen of social media

Published May 8, 2015 6:46PM (EDT)

J.K. Rowling        (AP/Dan Hallman)
J.K. Rowling (AP/Dan Hallman)

J.K. Rowling is much better at Twitter than the average muggle. Long-known for being notoriously private, social media has proven a great instrument for the beloved author to amplify her voice on issues that matter to her, whether that be clarifying aspects of the Harry Potter canon, shutting down trolls, or encouraging fans going through rough patches. Here's a look at ten times J.K. Rowling told it like it is, in 140 characters or less:

When she shut down a troll in the best way:

[embedtweet id="596720613433147392"]

When she slammed Rupert Murdoch for his ignorant remarks about Islam:

[embedtweet id="554229281929564160"]

When she scolded a Scottish Nationalist who was mad at her for comparing Scottish Nationalists to Death Eaters:

[embedtweet id="595141099934642176"]

[embedtweet id="595141235263799296"]

When she schooled a Twitter user who couldn’t "see" Dumbledore as gay:

[embedtweet id="580414479604822016"]

When she stood up for the long-suffering Hufflepuffs:

[embedtweet id="508714015695335424"]

When she apologized for the Battle of Hogwarts…

[embedtweet id="462157232827011072"]

…and for killing Fred Weasley:

[embedtweet id="594409493443805184"]

When she set people straight on matters of "HP" lore:

[embedtweet id="563737784754896896"]

[embedtweet id="563633021837131777"]

When she offered inspiration to a fan who felt like giving up:

[embedtweet id="595148385482612736"]

[embedtweet id="595148473776926720"]

[embedtweet id="595148599815704577"]

[embedtweet id="595148783056527360"]

And when she gave us all some much-needed positive reinforcement:

[embedtweet id="509800530043240448"]

Thanks, J.K.

By Anna Silman

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