“Lick free or die!”: The Internet roundly mocks Rand Paul staffer who tongued a candidate tracker's camera

When the liberal trackers come after you, lick them!

By Colin Gorenstein
Published May 11, 2015 6:45PM (EDT)
  (American Bridge)
(American Bridge)

Presidential hopeful Rand Paul hosted a town hall event in New Hampshire Monday morning. Weirdly enough, it wasn't his mansplaining or anti-droning comments that stole the show this time. Instead, it was David Chesley, Paul's political director -- or you can just call him Tony Hale for the time being -- who decided the best way to take care of a pesky liberal tracker camera was to give it a good lick. Of course, because cameras capture footage -- that's what they do -- the lick was leaked via American Bridge onto Twitter immediately.

[embedtweet id=597816445121273856]

Following the Q&A portion of the event, it was made quite clear that the Internet had a lot more questions than answers, mostly on the topic of licking:

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[embedtweet id=597821591079247872]
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