Hillary can stop campaigning now: Beyoncé makes appearance at Clinton fundraiser

Queen Bey is no stranger to Democratic politics, but she's throwing her support behind Hillary rather early

Published May 14, 2015 1:44PM (EDT)

  (AP/Jordan Strauss)
(AP/Jordan Strauss)

It doesn't matter if Hillary Clinton isn't progressive enough for progressives. She has Beyoncé's support. It's over.

Queen Bey made a solo appearance on Wednesday at a Clinton fundraiser in New York, hosted by Epic Records CEO L.A. Reid, according to the New York Daily News. The star and husband Jay Z are no strangers to Democratic politics, and are longtime supporters and friends of President Obama. (You might recall Beyoncé's much-discussed performance of the national anthem at Obama's second inauguration, which it's doubtful she'll reprise should Clinton win.)

Also in attendance at the $2,700-a-head event were Sharon Osbourne and Meghan Trainor, indicating Clinton's rather diverse crowd of female entertainer-donors. The candidate reportedly shared anecdotes of how she came to take her role as Obama's first secretary of state, after Bill Clinton reminded her, "You turned me down twice, too.”

A question has been raised following Bey's appearance at the fundraiser: If Beyoncé is backing Clinton, will that make all Hillary supporters "Beyoncé voters"?

By Jenny Kutner

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