Patton Oswalt, Emily Nussbaum and the best pre-"Mad Men" tweets

Twitter's already blowing up in preparation for the "Mad Men" finale. Here's a taste of the conversation

Published May 17, 2015 8:30PM (EDT)

Jon Hamm in "Mad Men"               (AMC/Michael Yarish/amc)
Jon Hamm in "Mad Men" (AMC/Michael Yarish/amc)

As we get closer to the "Mad Men" finale tonight, Twitter's already filling up with excitement and jokes.

Here are some of our favorites from this afternoon.

Let the countdowns start...

[embedtweet id="599985571440795649"]

[embedtweet id="599928795454414848"]

Theoretical honesty:

[embedtweet id="600009293874728960"]

Could you imagine?

[embedtweet id="600030326585466880"]

Kind of like this thought:

[embedtweet id="600028753624981504"]

And this one:

[embedtweet id="599747500933799936"]

Though this is probably closer to the truth:

[embedtweet id="599973517300473856"]

Isn't "Mad Men"is totally zoo bisou bisou?

[embedtweet id="600012595983228928"]

That hat scene was amazing:

[embedtweet id="599987229813907456"]

Outrage! Patton Oswalt made a dragon joke:

[embedtweet id="599987812222390272"]

Let the backlash begin!

[embedtweet id="600017808492089346"]

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