Jon Hamm in "Mad Men" (AMC/Michael Yarish/amc)

Patton Oswalt, Emily Nussbaum and the best pre-"Mad Men" tweets

Twitter's already blowing up in preparation for the "Mad Men" finale. Here's a taste of the conversation

Salon Staff
May 18, 2015 12:30AM (UTC)

As we get closer to the "Mad Men" finale tonight, Twitter's already filling up with excitement and jokes.

Here are some of our favorites from this afternoon.

Let the countdowns start...

[embedtweet id="599985571440795649"]

[embedtweet id="599928795454414848"]


Theoretical honesty:

[embedtweet id="600009293874728960"]

Could you imagine?

[embedtweet id="600030326585466880"]

Kind of like this thought:

[embedtweet id="600028753624981504"]

And this one:

[embedtweet id="599747500933799936"]

Though this is probably closer to the truth:


[embedtweet id="599973517300473856"]

Isn't "Mad Men"is totally zoo bisou bisou?

[embedtweet id="600012595983228928"]

That hat scene was amazing:

[embedtweet id="599987229813907456"]

Outrage! Patton Oswalt made a dragon joke:

[embedtweet id="599987812222390272"]


Let the backlash begin!

[embedtweet id="600017808492089346"]

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