Your frivolous summer plans will not stop Hillary Clinton's relentless march to the White House

"Saturday Night Live" skewers the Democratic candidate's endless campaigning in season finale cold open

Published May 17, 2015 12:21PM (EDT)

 Kate McKinnon as "Hillary Clinton" ("Saturday Night Live")
Kate McKinnon as "Hillary Clinton" ("Saturday Night Live")

With "Saturday Night Live" set to go on its summer hiatus, it's only fitting that the cold open featured the cast playing characters going to the beach to celebrate the impending warm weather -- only to have their outdoor activities interrupted by a campaigning Hillary Clinton.

Be it young professionals at a picnic, members of the 20-something demographic about to surf, lovers riding a tandem bicycle on the beach, or children who will probably be of voting age by the time of the actual election -- no one was safe from Hillary Clinton's voracious need to be loved by the electorate.

Not even her husband Bill -- played by returning "Saturday Night Live" alum Darrell Hammond -- especially after she caught him enjoying his summer a little too much.

Watch the entire cold open via "Saturday Night Live" below.

By Scott Eric Kaufman

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