Who said it: A “Mad Men” character or a Republican presidential candidate?

Sen. Marco Rubio isn't alone in lauding some of the most backward social mores depicted in the AMC drama

Published May 18, 2015 4:42PM (EDT)

  (AMC/AP/J. Scott Applewhite/Photo montage by Salon)
(AMC/AP/J. Scott Applewhite/Photo montage by Salon)

One of the toughest parts of Watching "Mad Men" While Feminist, I always found, was watching portrayals of sexist, racist social mores that still haven't passed away, and trying not to throw my shoes at the screen. Tougher still is turning off the TV and taking a look at current events, which so often include politicians endorsing some of the most backward views depicted on the show.

Take GOP presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio, for example, who praised "Mad Men" for showing us all how "great" the 20th Century was, but then urged us to move forward...and embrace the same tired views that keep everybody stuck in the past:

Rubio isn't alone in totally misreading the show, nor is he alone in promoting the same sort of carelessly sexist gobbledygook Roger Sterling has been wont to spew. In fact, taking a "Mad Men"-style approach to conceiving of women's ability to make their own decisions or, say, exist as independent individuals in the world, has essentially become the norm among Republican politicians -- so much so that the "gynoticians" attempting to legislate women's healthcare can be indistinguishable from characters on the AMC drama.

In one scary illustration, Planned Parenthood published a fun/terrifying quiz about Republican presidential candidates' views on women's health, asking participants to guess who said it: A "Mad Men" character, or a potential future president? The premise is simple: "The current GOP contenders for president sound like they want to take women back to the 1950s."

See if you can guess the difference:

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